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Ancient Near Eastern Studies


The field of Ancient Near Eastern Studies is devoted to the ancient cultures of the Middle East from ca. 4000 BC to the Hellenistic age, covering the regions of modern Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Iran, and neighbouring areas.

The philological disciplines (most importantly Assyriology and Hittitology) concentrate on the decipherment and interpretation of cuneiform texts from the various cultures of the ancient Near East; they also study the structure and development of ancient Near Eastern languages, the most important of which are Sumerian, Akkadian (Babylonian and Assyrian) and Hittite.

The archaeological disciplines study the material culture, the settlements and the art of the ancient Near East. Archaeologists also conduct excavations and surveys in the Middle East.

Key staff

Chair: Prof. Dr. Daniel Schwemer

Other academic staff: PD Dr. Claus Ambos and Dr. Dahlia Shehata

Administrator: Sophie-Luise Wollrab

Admin office hours: Mo 13–17 Uhr, Di–Fr 8–12 Uhr

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Institut für Altertumswissenschaften
Lehrstuhl für Altorientalistik
Residenzplatz 2, Tor A, 97070 Würzburg
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BA programmes (Bachelor of Arts)

Various BA programmes in Ancient Near Eastern Studies are offered at the University of Würzburg for the Bachelor of Arts degree. These BA programmes are completed within the standard period of 3 years (6 semesters). A programme can only be started in the winter semester. All of these programmes combine Ancient Near Eastern Studies with another discipline. More ...

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MA programmes (Master of Arts)

The MA programmes Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Cultures offer in-depth knowledge of ancient Near Eastern languages and cuneiform Kenntisse. The courses comprise all periods of ancient Near Eastern history and prepare students to do their own independent research. The ANES MA programmes are offered as a one or two subject degree course. More ...


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